Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jakob - Tiger Cub Scouts!

Jakob had his first Cub Scout meeting last week and participated in his first event, the Raingutter Regatta.  He really enjoyed painting his boat and racing it.

After all the boys raced their boats, it was time for ice cream!  Jakob thought this was great and based on where he was standing he worked on three bowls of ice cream!  Since they originally said GO when it was time to start eating the ice cream, I thought it was a race!  So I hurried him along at first!  Oops!  As I recorded him eating, I laughed because he looks around to see if anyone is watching him eat out of all three bowls!  So silly!

At the meeting last Monday, he learned about eating healthy and colored a food pyramid chart.  His homework this month is to plan and practice a family fire drill and test the smoke detectors.

On Saturday, we went and got his uniform and all the patches for it.  On Sunday, I decided to order a basic sewing machine from Amazon to make it easier to sew the patches on and for other random things.  On Monday evening, he will attend his first Pack Show and it will focus on Responsibility.  Since it is October, the boys and siblings can wear their costumes.  I'm glad he can wear his costume since it gives me a little more time to get his uniform ready!  Knowing me, I will create a spreadsheet to track what we have completed and what he needs especially since we have two months to catch up on since we were unaware of the local group in our area.  One of the electives is going to a zoo to learn about animals which we were already planning a trip next Saturday!  Personally, I think Jakob is really going to enjoy Cub Scouts because he is a busy person!

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