Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ashlyn's Pre-K Spring Conference

I had Ashlyn's Pre-K spring conference yesterday, May 10, 2016, over the phone with her teacher.

Social / Emotional:
Her teacher stated she was doing very well interacting with others.  Ashlyn follows the rules and gets along with others well.

Physical / Growth / Fine Motor:
Her teacher mentioned she runs well and easily kicks a ball.  Regarding fine motor, she can hold a pencil correctly and colors well.  Within the past few weeks, Ashlyn also started being able to tie her shoes.  Every now and then, she will come home after accidentally tying her shoes in a knot, but overall she understands the process!

Language Development:
When we went to Ashlyn's Fall Pre-K conference, Ashlyn only knew 26 out of 52 of her letters.  As of her recent evaluation, she knows 25 out of the 26 capital letters.  She missed two lower case letters, q, and e.  She improved dramatically on her sound recognition.  In the fall, she was unable to provide any of the sounds to the letters.  She had 15 out of 26 letters.

Ashlyn is able to decipher if two words rhyme or not per her recent assessment.  Her next step is to generate new rhyming words when provided a word.  Example: cat - bat.

Beginning Sounds:
Ashlyn is able to determine if two words begin with the same sounds.  Her school is currently working on teaching how each word is a separate word from each other word.

Reading Comprehension:
Her teacher described that Ashlyn is doing well and is able to retell a story with prompting.  Her next goals is to tell the story by explaining what happened first, next, and last without prompting.

Ashlyn enjoys math and is doing well with counting and loves patterns.  She is able to determine if a number is more or less than and is able to identify those numbers.  Her teacher stated she is doing okay with positional numbers, such as behind and next to.  In school now, they are working on addition and subtraction.  They are also comparing objects to work on vocabulary words such as size, weight, and compacity.  She has also started learning how to learn how to read an analog clock through their daily routine.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Jakob -- "Through the Ages"

2010-2011 Kindergarten

2011-2012 First Grade

2012-2013 Second Grade

2013-2014 Third Grade

2014-2015 Fourth Grade

2015-2016 Fifth Grade

Each year before school started, Jeff and I took a picture with Jakob in front of his school sign.  Ashlyn was born in 2011 and joined in the pictures.  Sure is fun to look back and see the changes in both of them.  It is sure hard to believe that he will be in sixth grade next year and Ashlyn in Kindergarten.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Boy Scouts Troop 366: Camporee

Jakob's outline from this past weekend's camporee with Boy Scouts Troop 366.

Friday, 4/8/16
  • Got to the church at around 6:20
  • Left and got there at 8:00
  • Got to the camp.
  • Set up tent in troop order.
  • Read 3 chapters of the Bible.
  • Went to sleep.   
Saturday, 4/9/16
  • Woke up at 7:00
  • Got day pack ready.
  • Did some activities.
  • Went to lunch at 12:00.
  • Started raining.
  • Went to tomahawks.
  • Did more activities.
  • Came back to camp.
  • Went to campfire and got rewards.
  • WON SUPER TROOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Went up a hill and Scouts dressed up in native Americans did the Order of Arrow
  • Ethan C., Ethan, and Zack were chosen from our troop.
  • Went back to camp.
  • Ethan C., Ethan, and Zack could not talk till we got to 1Stop.
  • Went to bed.
Sunday, 4/10/16
  • Woke up and got everything ready for the house and then we left for chapel
  • We sang 2 songs, told a story and more.
  • Left to cars.
  • Got to cars and headed back to the church and got to 1Stop.
  • When we got to 1Stop, Ethan C., Ethan, and Zack let out their words and were happy.
  • Got to church.
  • Dad got there and we left.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Boy Scouts Troop 366 - Backpacking: Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas

Here is Jakob's detailed version of his campout he attended between Friday, March 18th through Sunday, March 20th.  It has not been edited to allow Jakob the chance to reread and for him to see the changes in his writing as he gets older.  Enjoy!

   On this campout, I had to hike 15 miles with a hiking pack on. It was a lot of work. We left on Friday (3/18/2016) and got home on Sunday (3/20/2016).

My parents were driving me to the church I have to get to and we arrived at 5:30PM. We took pictures and waited for myself to have to leave. Once it was 6:30PM, we left to get to Arkansas. When we got there, it was 12:00AM and which meant it was Saturday.

     When we got out of the car we started getting our packs on headed out to the hiking. Since we were in the dark, I needed a headlamp to see. But then later, it was dying down. I had to wait 2 ½ miles until we got to the place we were going sleep at. I had a little trouble with setting up my 1 person tent, so I got some help from a person named Max (Little Max is what we call him). I had everything ready at 3:00AM. My thermals and everything else was ready for me at 3:05AM and then I went to bed.
     Max woke me up at 6:45AM, so I only got 3 hours and 40 minutes to sleep.I had to take down my tent and it was kinda a lot of work because my sleeping bag didn’t fit into its stuff pack that much. I finally got everything ready and ate breakfast on the trail. So when my hands were cold, I could not open my food. Soon I decided to ask for someone to open it and I ate 1, then the 2nd one fell to the ground. I was going to eat more, but Max asked me if I was ready. So I put my food away and said “Yes”.
      We started hiking on cliffs and I falled sometimes, but not near major cliffs. We had to hike 5 miles, and sometimes I was a leader (means to get to lead everyone on the trails). Then we had lunch, but since I didn’t finish my breakfast, I had breakfast with part of my lunch. After lunch, we hiked 5 more miles and then looked for a place to set up everything up.
        The cool thing was that we hiked 12 ½ miles in total (Friday and Saturday combined) once we found our place to set up. It was really hard for me to find a good place to set up my area. I found a place to be at and once my tent was set up again, I cooked my Spaghetti and Sauce for dinner. Then I got my food and ate.
         Max was making a fire for the night and we did work on the Merit Badge Backpacking. Then it was time for Thorns and Roses. After that I stayed up 15 more minutes and went to sleep.

        I woke up at 6:00AM and fallen asleep again. Then Max woke everyone up at 7:15AM. Like the other day, it was hard to set everything away. We got out of the place about 8:30AM - 9:00AM. Then we had to hike 2 ½ miles straight up the mountains and cliffs. After that we got to the cars and headed to CC's, but instead we went to Pizza Hut. While I was there, I got some sowed DC characters that were The Flash and The Joker. A couple hours later we arrived at the church. I ate dinner at McDonalds and got home very tired.        

Monday, March 21, 2016

Menu Planning Monday - March 21, 2016

Spring break has ended and it was time to get back on schedule with our menus.  I use an app called Mealboard on my iPad.  It allows me to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinners.  I can also include desserts or any other category.  Nothing fancy for dinner this week, but having ideas planned out helps us to not last minute order out or go out and spend extra on our budget.

Monday: Chicken Sandwiches & Leftovers
Tuesday: Hot Dogs, fruit, and chips
Wednesday: Leftover Buffet
Thursday: Dining Out
Friday: Walking Tacos
Saturday: Leftover Buffet
Sunday: Easter Dinner...

For more great ideas, check out this week's Menu Plan Monday at

Boy Scouts Troop 366 - Backpacking: Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas

On this campout, I had to hike 15 miles with a hiking pack on. It was a lot of work. We left on Friday (3/18/2016) and got home on Sunday (3/20/2016).

  Friday (3/18/2016)
-  Arrived at church at 5:30PM.
-  Left at 6:30PM.
-  We arrived to the camp at 12:00AM. (Saturday)
-   Hiked for 2 ½ miles in the dark.
-   Headlamp died.
-   Could not use my bright flashlight.
Saturday (3/19/2016)
-    Set up my 1 person tent at went to sleep.
-    Fell asleep at 3:05AM.
-    Woke up at 6:45AM by my leader, Little Max.
-    Set down my tent.
-    Got on trail at 9:00AM.
-     Had breakfast on the trail.
-     Hiked 5 miles.
-     Had lunch near the lake.
-     Hiked 5 more miles.
-     Looked for a good place to camp.
-     Set up another tent in a different place to camp.
-     Cooked my Spaghetti and sauce.
-     Worked a little on the merit badge for backing.
-     Said our Thorns and Roses.
-     Stayed with the camp fire.
-     Went to my tent at 8:45PM.
-     Got my pillow and went to sleep

Sunday (3/20/2016)
-      Woke up at 6:00AM and went back to sleep.
-       Little Max woke everyone up at 7:15AM.
-       Got out of place at about 8:30AM - 9:00AM.
-       Hiked 2 ½ miles uphill to the cars.
-       Got to cars.
-       Went to Pizza Hut.
-       Got some sowed figures of DC characters.
-        Got to church.

-        Got home very tired.


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