Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ashlyn - 1st Grade: September 2017

The first six weeks is almost finished for Ashlyn and the other first graders.  Love seeing the different stories from her writing samples.

I like to go to California and we had to
ride on an airplane and we had a pillow

I like to play with Raeleight and Amelia
so much.  I like to play with Amelia
in ESD.  I like to play with Raeleigh.

I like the giving.  I like the giving
because it has a tire swing.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Ashlyn's 1st Grade Writing Folder

Ashlyn was assigned a project from her 1st grade teacher.  Her objective was to find pictures and create a collage to put on her writing folder.  Thankfully, Jeff helped her this afternoon to find a variety of pictures and larger letters of her name.  He also helped tape them on using packing tape to keep them from coming off easily creating almost a lamination on top of the folder.  She was most excited about finding the picture of the cat, since it was a picture of a blue russian.  Ellie, our cat, is a blue russian.

Ashlyn - 1st Grade: August 2017

Ashlyn returned to school and started 1st grade on August 16th.  She continues to stay busy with school, American Heritage Girls, and swimming at Emler Swim School.

Ashlyn learned about the Total Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017.

I am 6 years old.
My favorite books: Frozen.

My birthday is in July 19.

I like to play (with) Riley.

Ashlyn's class read a story in 1st grade called The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill to learn why it is not nice to act as a bully.  She wrote, "I am not a bully because.... I want to be treated how I want to be.
I am not a bully because....
I want to be treated how I want
to be.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ashlyn starts First Grade

Ashlyn started 1st grade on August 16, 2017 with Ms. Howell.  One of her first homework assignments was to tell about herself for their class scrapbook.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Summer: June 2017

Summer always seems to go by quickly, but I sure enjoy these moments with both kids.  Here are some of the highlights from June 2017!

June 5th - Playing outside while
Jakob mowed the yard.

Jakob earning additional money by mowing the yard.

Jakob headed out Boy Scout Summer Camp on Saturday, June June 10th.  Jakob blogged about his experience, check it out here.
Jakob heading out to summer camp!

Jakob returned from Boy Scouts Summer Camp on Saturday, June 17!
Picking Jakob back up after he had a
great week at summer camp in Colorado!

Slightly tired!
Ashlyn decided to cut her hair on Saturday, June 10th!  She had Mallory cut about three inches off which really helped to reshape her hair overall.  Watching Mallory cut it was fun since Ashlyn was full smiles the entire time!

After swimming the morning of June 22nd and after picking up Jakob from tennis camp, Lana and I ran some errands and stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked up an afternoon craft for Ashlyn.

Lana and I both went to Going Bonkers with the kids on Friday, June 23rd to celebrate PK's 7th birthday party with him.  We had not been there for a few years.  The temperatures were predicted to be high for this day, so this was a fun morning while being indoor with air condition!

Jakob participated in the local 4th of July parades with Boy Scouts.  These following pictures are prior to him heading out to the Savannah parade on June 24th.

Paloma Creek had their annual 4th of July Celebration on Saturday, June 24th.  We enjoyed an evening outside visiting with neighbors, eating hot dogs, and drinking snow cones!

The kids and I attended VBS at Cross Way UMC between June 26 through June 28th.  Jakob helped by volunteering all three days.

On Wednesday, June 28th, the VBS kiddos welcomed our new pastor with water balloons and they sure loved every minute of it!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Boy Scouts Summer Camp

Author: Jakob Smith

June 10 - June 17, 2017

On Saturday, I woke up at 5am and my dad drove me to the church where our Boy Scout Troop meets.   After packing everything in the trailer, Jake asked me to pray us out, so i did.   Then, we all walked into the cars and we drove off to San Isabel Scout Ranch.   Around 12 we ate sandwiches for lunch and then continued driving.   Soon, we arrived at Garden of the Gods and set up camp.   Before dinner, some other scouts and I went to the pool and played.   When we came back from the pool, we ate fajitas for dinner.  Yum! Then I went to sleep late around 8 to 9.

The next day,  I woke up around 6 and played cards with friends.   We put cots, pillows and sleeping bags away.   After eating breakfast burritos, we went on a day hike and we got lost on the way back.   Luckily, Jacob and I spotted a landform that Jacob named Phillips and made our way back to the cars.   We left and arrived at SISR at 4 and met our counselor, Taco.   Taco gave us a tour and when we were back at our campsite we set up camp and chilled.   Later, we went to the flags and had dinner before an opening campfire.   We arrived back at our campsite and went to sleep in a very cold and windy night.

When I woke up the next morning, it was 6 o’clock.   Our troop had to go to the flags in the morning and after that, we had breakfast.   A big break was given to us for 2 hours, but we arrived at class at 9. My first class was First Aid and we learned the basic knowledge. The last 30 minutes, we did an activity that had a kid with a broken leg.   Then, I walked to Climbing and we put on everything that you needed to wear.   This was needed in order to climb on the real rocks that were called a wall.    Lunch was next and we  had a 2 hour break.   Space Exploration  was from 2 to 3 and we just learned about some basic techniques.   Astronomy was the best because we learned how the stars work.   Soon we arrived back at the flags and we had dinner and I fell asleep.

On the 13th, I went to the flags and had breakfast before going to First Aid.   In  First Aid, we  continued learning the basic skills.   When it was time for Climbing, it was so windy that we had to learn on the knots instead of the climbing season.   After lunch I went back to the campsite and chilled.   At Space Exploration, we learned about hazards and then Astronomy was up the line.   The main we did in Astronomy was hazards as well.   Soon we had dinner and I had a Stargazing activity for Astronomy and I learned where multiple constellations and planets were.   Then I went to bed.

Four days before we left, I woke up and had breakfast after going to the flags.   In the morning, I went to First Aid and Climbing and then had lunch.   From 2 to 4, I had Space Exploration and Astronomy.   Finally, I went to bed after dinner and the flags.

The next day, I pretty much did the same thing until after dinner. I still did First Aid, Climbing, Space Exploration, and Astronomy, but we also did Order of the Arrow(OA) and stargazing.   The Order of the Arrow stands for tha ta scout has proven himself worthy enough to gain this high reward.   Later around 9, we did Stargazing again but with our troop and ended around 1.

Jacob and I woke up and went to the flags before breakfast.   Then we went to Astronomy to work on the Plummeteer.   When we finished our rocket, we launched it and 11 and it was a funny failure.   For the rest of the day, we just chilled until the closing campfire.   After that we all packed up and went to bed, 10 to 11pm.

We woke up at 4 the next morning and packed up more.   Then we left the campsite and picked up food.   Then we were on our way and arrived at the church at 6:10 pm.


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