Monday, October 17, 2011

5% Weight Loss!

Beginning on August 15, 2011, I started back up on Weight Watchers after having Ashlyn on July 19th.  After weighing this morning, I entered my weight of 161.4.  I have lost approximately 8 lbs and hit my 5% goal today!  I am averaging about a pound a week which I am happy with since my weight is slowly dropping and has been staying off.  It was exciting to go to JcPenney's on Saturday and purchase jeans smaller than the ones I bought when I went back to work about a month ago!  I need to get new work pants, but hoping for another sale this weekend before getting them.  :)

Overall, I feel like I am eating better and am more concious of what I eat even on rough weeks when I do not record what I eat.  Today, I made sure to get back into recording my food as I still have weight to lose and suspect it could be harder to lose after I get under 160 lbs.  My exercise comes and goes on the elliptical in the mornings.  It depends on when Ashlyn decides she is hungry for her breakfast in the morning.  She is pretty consistent which will continue to help in my routine to get in 20-30 minutes in the morning.  I prefer exercising in the morning since it seems like the evenings are full of Jakob's homework and other random chores.

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