Saturday, March 24, 2007

World of Warcraft

Well, Jeff and I came to an agreement. We both know we need to do more things together so we agreed if I would play World of Warcraft, we would also go and do other things like bowling and possibly golfing. I looked into prices for different golf courses and even pondered bowling leagues. I found a place called Kiddin Around in Coppell that allows you to drop off your children, and is used to allow parents to get some time together. They are open late and it would cost about $6.50/hour. We may look into that or talk to a good friend of mine and see if she would want to babysit every now and then and pay her.

Overall, I created my character, Madyson, last night and she is called a Horde Undead Warrior. I played for about 2 hours last night and got her to level 5, which I was excited about. I laughed to Jeff because one of things I found as I killed monsters were different clothing items and told Jeff she looks like she's wearing a bra! He asked if I wanted a shirt for her, and I laughed and told him nah!

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