Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten Stories: Jakob's Graduation Ceremony Videos

Jakob did a great job this morning at his Kindergarten graduation at school.  This year went so fast!  I hope you enjoy the videos I took of him this morning!

The first video has all of the students entering the cafeteria.  Jakob was excited to see me and I was proud of him that he stayed where he was supposed to be.  I noticed while watching the video he is looking for Jeff who was sitting on the third row, compared to where I was standing to get the video!

Jakob has been singing these next two songs lately and I think he was singing the school song earlier in the year.  However, I could not understand what he was saying at the beginning of the year and I believe he was humming a section of it before.

The last video has all of the students singing Five Little Monkeys.  It is too cute and I suspected they were going to sing this one because Jakob went through all the movements recently while we were in the car.  He had commented in the car how he could still clap with his cast on!

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  1. what wonderful souvenirs. His cast certainly didn't slow him down any!


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