Sunday, January 05, 2014

Pantry Challenge January 2014: Day 3

Pantry Challenge January 2014: Day 3

Ashlyn loves to help make scrambled eggs!  She beat the egg entirely herself and then with help we put it in the Pampered Chef Egg Cooker.  She put cheese on top of the egg and then I cooked it for about a minute.  I made a green smoothie this morning using spinach, apple, and oranges along with a little leftover bacon.  (The boys were still at the camp this morning with Cub Scouts.)

For lunch today, we made ham/turkey and cheese sandwiches.  I did have to run to Wal-Mart this morning for a few items including bread.  However, the purchase was right under $25 which is much lower than our normal weekly trips.  On average we spend about $100.

I cooked a Pampered Chef recipe for dinner, Rush Hour Chicken Fajitas.  This recipe is a quick recipe that cooks in the Deep Covered Baker.  I cooked the chicken a little longer than it needed, but it still was good.  I plan to use the leftover chicken breast on top of salads during the week.  We also had Mexican Rice from a package that was not expired, but I do not remember when I purchased it.

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