Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hot Green Cast - 3 More Weeks

Yesterday, Jakob had his appointment to follow-up on his right arm he broke on Thursday, May 5th. His arm is healing well, but the doctor said it is really easy to re-break the bone at his age during the first three months of it happening.  So we had the option to either put a splint on or a smaller cast.  We told Jakob as we were getting closer to the appointment that he might get his cast off and he continued to repeat that too.  So his hopes were not up that he would get the cast off.

So, Jakob chose hot green this time for the cast.  This cast is water-proof and he can technically go swimming.  However, after swimming it has to be rinsed out with clean water and then dried using a blow dryer on cool.  He can take baths and showers without having it covered, but they recommended morning baths and showers to allow it to dry throughout the day.  This cast is much more flexible for him since he can move his elbow.

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  1. Poor guy! At least he has a smile on his face. He reminds me of my 6 and a half year old with his Mario shirt and his missing teeth :)


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