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Sunday Refection: February 26, 2017

February 26, 2017 from Jesus Calling
I am leading you, step by step, through your life.  Hold My hand in trusting dependence, letting Me guide you through this day.  Your future looks uncertain and feels flimsy - even precarious.  That is how it should be.  Secret things belong to the Lord, and future thins are secret things.  When you try to figure out the future, you are grasping at thins that are Mine.  This, like all forms of worry, is an act of rebellion: doubting My promises to care for you. Whenever you find yourself worrying about the future, repent and return to Me.  I will show you the next step forward, and the one after that, and the one after that.  Relax and enjoy in My Presence, trusting Me to open up the way before you as you go.

 ““The LORD our God has secrets known to no one. We are not accountable for them, but we and our children are accountable forever for all that he has revealed to us, so that we may obey all the terms of these instructions.”
Deuteronomy 29:29 NLT

“The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalms 32:8 NLT


Scripture always has a way of talking to me at the right time.  It always seems like what I need to hear happens to talk to me when I need to hear it.  This week has been a busy, hetctic, and quite stressful.  When I first read these two scriptures, I visualized a roadmap.  After completing a Google search for images for these scriptures, one that stuck out was a compass.  It also brought to mind the pictures from camping.  I love taking the pictures of our camping trails.  The peaceful view of the road ahead is such a calming thought for me.  I am ready for the weather to get a little warmer and stay consistent to allow us to go camping as a family. I am ready for some relaxation time to unwind, spend time with God, and unplug.

Through these scriptures and the stressful week, I feel I am being reminded to pray about things I might (am) worrying about instead of stressing over them, even though this is easier said than done.  The future is unknown as scripture states.  Things tend to have a way to work themselves out.  However, I must say, today has not been easy.  Many tears were shed through frustrations due to an event which brought up emotions and for some reason reminded me how I feel as if I do not have many friends. I am also thankful for my church family and the connections I have made with my church family.  It has been a rough day and reflecting on how grateful I am for them since I feel I really do have friendships with them.  The question I always wonder is did we find Cross Way UMC or did Cross Way UMC find us.  No matter the answer, I am thankful.  Through this time of Lent, I feel I am being reminded to slow down.  The hustle and bustle is catching up to me.

 From Proverbs 31 First 5 App:
Before we consider what God keeps secret, let’s talk about what He reveals. In Deuteronomy 29, Moses recounts all God has revealed to the Israelites: 
God had revealed so much to the Israelites, but did they make better choices because of it? Sadly, the answer is no.
They turned their backs on God—not just once, but many times—choosing to disobey His commands, while giving their allegiance and devotion to false gods.
If the Israelites were repeatedly unfaithful after all God had revealed to them (and done for them), why then should He reveal what was considered “secret” and sacred?
They had repeatedly scribbled on God’s laws and pouted over His holy covenant. They didn’t treasure His gifts or follow the instructions He provided. Sadly, revealing more wasn’t producing more obedience or trust in God.
Honestly, I don’t always treasure the gifts God gives me like I should. I’m quick to say, “God, reveal more to me.” But the truth is, I sometimes struggle with following through and stewarding well those things He’s already revealed to me. Does that ever happen to you?
Yes, it’s true God keeps some things reserved as secret. But He generously reveals and gives us full access to His Word. So let’s be faithful and stay committed to read Scripture every day so we can learn from it, be nourished by it and share God’s truth with others.
Let’s not get all tangled up in wondering what God has kept secret from us. Instead let’s trust those “secret things” to His care and believe that whatever is beneficial for us, He will reveal in His perfect timing.
PrayerHeavenly Father, thank You for all You have revealed to me in Your Word. Help me to be faithful with what already belongs to me and trust You with the secret things that are not beneficial for me to know about. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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