Monday, May 30, 2011

Sending Expired Coupons to Oversees Miltary Bases - Atsugi, Japan

About a month ago, Jenny at Southern Savers posted about sending expired coupons overseas for the military to use.  The program is called the Overseas Coupon Program (OCP) and serves military and their families.  They can use these coupons up to six months after the expiration at the commissaries if they are stationed abroad!

I chose a US Naval Air Facility in Atsugi, Japan since it is where my brother was stationed for quite some time.  Randy loved being in Japan and figure I will help others save money while they are there!  Randy is still serving in the US Navy and I am extremely proud to be his sister!  It sure is hard to believe he joined over thirteen years ago!

So on Tuesday, May 31st, my first set of coupons will be mailed out.  Overall, there was $76.95 in food coupons and $231.54 in non-food coupons for men and women of our country to use.

Here's how you can participate!
  1. Pick a base and then adopt the base (so they know you plan to send coupons)
  2. Cut your coupons (Instead of throwing away coupons I will not use now, I cut them and store them until I'm ready to mail.  On a monthly basis, I plan to mail them along with other expired coupons.)
  3. Sort them by Food and Non-Food (I have two envelopes ready to sort as I go to make it less of a hassle)
  4. Total the batch by dollar amount (This is to help them determine if they need adoptions at the variety of bases and where they need coupons sent.)
  5. Place each batch in a separate envelope (As long as the envelope is not more than 3.5 ounces, they can be mailed using first class stamps.  I weigh mine using a kitchen scale!)
  6. Send a report to OCP

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