Friday, May 06, 2011

Interesting Thursday Afternoon...

I called Jakob's pediatrician this morning to ask their recommendations for an orthopedic doctor since Jakob went to the ER Thursday afternoon after falling (somehow!) off the kitchen chair and landing wrong on his right arm on the kitchen tile.  Poor thing was not acting right after it happened and he complained about moving it, yet he could move his other arm.  I decided to go ahead and take him to the ER.

While at the ER, they took initial X-Rays of his wrist area which did not show any problems.  The doctor asked if it hurt anywhere else and Jakob explained that it did not hurt above his elbow, as he demonstrated, but then he pointed to an area between his wrist and elbow and said that hurt.  We walked back for more X-Rays and sure enough those pictures identified non displacement fractures on both bones in his arm.  They put a splint for Thursday night on him along with giving him some medicine.

Thursday - After ER Visit

This morning, I called his pediatrician for recommendations for an orthopedic doctor.  The ER gave us one doctor that was covered by our insurance, but knew the recommendations would be good ones too.  They gave me four different names and I looked them up.  I could not find one of them, but decided to go with the one that was near the hospital I prefer and it was nearby Jakob's pediatrician too.  I called and they were not open until 8:30AM. 

Since I had a little time this morning, I went to Walgreen's while Jeff stayed home with Jakob. We were low on Children's Tylenol and they had an ad for the GUM floss picks.  I bought those two items and used my register rewards from earlier in the week and paid $0.99 out of pocket.  I received $2.00 back from the floss picks and will use it on Sunday for the upcoming ad.

Walgreen's and CVS Shopping Trip

Total Before Savings and Coupons: $9.48
Total Spent: $0.99
Total Saved:$8.49 or 90%

Remaining RR: $2.00

I was able to get an appointment for Jakob at 10AM, so we got ready.  Medicine was working that he took early this morning at 6AM, so he was in a decent mood overall.

Friday morning - Before Orthopedic Appointment

We met the doctor and they took new x-rays to have on file at the doctor's office too.  The current x-rays confirmed the other x-rays showing both bones fractured.  On a positive note, he did not have major displacement on the break.  Jakob decided early on at the appointment he wanted orange for the cast.  I honestly figured he would have picked blue or green, but he was stuck on orange!  He will go back next Friday for another x-ray to make sure they are healing properly.

Orange Cast - After Orthopedic Appointment

After Jakob's orthopedic appointment, we stopped by the CVS to pick up the toothpaste that was on sale.  It was officially a money maker, so I really wanted to pick it up.  I bought both Colgate's in one transaction since it was the only thing I needed and knew I would be unable to roll the ECB today due to my coupons.  I bought an online gift card for $25 the other day before realizing the free $5 deal was already done.  However, I figured it would be fun to see how long it last by creating good scenarios in the future! 

Total Before Savings and Coupons: $5.98
Total Spent: $4.04
Total Saved:$1.94 or 15%

ECB Remaining: $5.54 + $1.50 (Winter spending ECB)


I started tracking all receipts for household and groceries starting on May 1st.  I am amazed when I start tracking to see the amount saved and our percentage saved.  Currently, we have saved about $25 or 45%.  

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  1. Oh my goodness! Poor thing! Looks like he was a real trooper through all of it, though.


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