Monday, April 25, 2011

Kindergarten Stories: Behavior Reports 4/19-4/21

As mentioned last Wednesday, Jakob is having his teacher sign a behavior chart indicating whether or not he is following basic instructions.  I think this is helping him realize we are paying attention and he has to be good at school and follow all instructions! :)

Currently, I have her completing a form with the following questions:
  1. Jakob listened and followed directions.
  2. Jakob was quiet in the hallways.
  3. Jakob kept his hands and feet to himself.
  4. Jakob remained seated when needed to be seated.

Jakob did better today given the fact that the entire class had an "off" day.  An EXTREMELY "Off" day.

He stayed on green today.  He did an AMAZING job with a writing assignment we did!  He is bringing it home to show you.  His handwriting and sentence structure is greatly improving.

Jakob is doing better with concentrating on his work; however he still is getting up a lot.  He is also doing better on not talking when it is time to be quiet.

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