Monday, May 02, 2011

Swagbucks Adds More Ways to Redeem Bucks!

Look what I learned about this evening:

Swagbucks has added a ton of new gift cards that you can choose from to redeem your swagbucks!  We used to only work towards Amazon cards, but now you can choose from a number of other places that are just as good.

Some of the new options:
$10 CVS gift card – 1,249 SB
$10 Home Depot gift card – 1,249 SB
$10 Macaroni Grill, On The Border and other Restaurants – 1,195 SB
$10 O’Charley’s gift card – 1,145 SB
$10 Fandango gift card – 1,175 SB

Don’t worry all the old options are still there.
My two favorites:
$10 Starbucks gift card – 1,300 SB
$5 Amazon gift card – 450 SB

These new options are fun to me, because you have a way to use your web searching to pay for things offline.  Think free diapers, paper towels and more using CVS cards!  I'm currently trying to get back into my serious coupon shopping with the economy currently.

New to Swagbucks??
This is a search engine that you register for (free) and then earn swagbucks as you search or even shop online.  Most folks that use it for all their searching can earn probably 50-75 swagbucks per week, that’s  $5 gift card you earn every 5 weeks!

(You also earn swagbucks to refer friends and the link above is my referral link, just so ya know.  Don’t want to click on it?  That’s cool just go to

Search & Win

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