Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kindergarten Stories: Week of April 18th - 22nd

Jakob hasn't received the Kindergarten Classroom News in a while.  It was nice to see one home again.  However, since I'm in the classroom, I know how busy and hectic things get within it.

This week we will be...
  • Reviewing the letter Yy - handwriting and the letter sound.
  • New Sight Words: green, yellow, pink, red, black, blue, brown, white, orange, purple
  • Continue reviewing sight words
  • Reviewing Addition & Subtraction Stories, Units of Measurement, & creating Extended Patterns
  • Reading & Learning about Fairytales

Stories from last week...

Last week, Jakob was in trouble at school.  For some reason, he decided to pull his shorts down...not once but twice!  Jakob was sent to the office and then spent some time in the "thinking room" along with eating lunch in the office.  I remember my school phone ringing at the beginning of 2nd period and it was an outside call, so I did not answer.  I cannot imagine what I would have said at that exact moment if I would have realized the extension on the phone line!  I spoke to the assistant principal and Jakob's current long term sub during my conference periods.  The assistant principal said it is very possible that he thought he would try it to see what would happen and has learned it was not a very good choice!

We had not been receiving daily communication of his behavior as frequently, so with this happening, I put together a behavior chart that started going to school yesterday.  It focuses on listening and following directions, being quiet in the hallways, keeping his hands and feet to himself, and remaining seated when needing to be seated.  This seems to be helping since it gives us feedback directly from her and helps us reinforce whether he is doing good or bad.  I suspect he was starting to not follow directions as well with partially being the end of the school year and hope this helps redirect his behavior.

So with good behavior, he is getting rewarded obviously.  If he has an overall good note and was on green in the classroom, he gets a ticket.  He also is supposed to read everyday for at least 15 minutes.  For every 15 minutes of reading, he also can get a ticket.  Then over the weekend, every 4 tickets is equivalent to 30 minutes to play on a video game.  I figure this will help limit his games and he will decide whether he wants to save his tickets or use them to play at times too.  I think he needed a change from putting stickers on a calendar and think the tickets are more tangible to him at the moment since he can touch them, etc.

With today's behavior chart, he brought home a writing sample he did today which she was really proud of him for completing.  He has been on a lizard kick recently and wants to buy a lizard!  I told him he could not buy a lizard until he was 7!  (I wonder if he will still want one when he's 7?!) 

Jakob wrote: I like my lisrd. My lizrd is like me.  lizrd wonts to play with me. (I like my lizard. My lizard is like me. Lizard wants to play with me.)

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