Friday, August 02, 2013

Trip to Target after Fun Morning of Bowling with the Family

We all went bowling this morning at Brunswick and had a great time!  Ashlyn enjoyed it more than we expected.  She bowled with Jeff officially until about the third game.  Then she played a little at looking at the vending machines as we finished off our two-hours of bowling.  It was a neat special which was $9.99 per person which included shoes, two-hours of bowling, individual pizza, and small soda.  Jakob bowled pretty well today scoring 70, 55, and 81.  I thought I bowled fairly well and was quite impressed with myself and bowled 126, 133, and 118.  Jeff and Ashlyn bowled together and scored 87, 85, and 106.  (Jeff's last game did not include Ashlyn as much, she start helping me bowl my third game.)

After bowling we went to Target for a few odds and ends for our weekly trip.  I am really working on making things last and only allowing us to really go to Target weekly.  This always helps our overall budget by making myself stick to the plan.

Today we spent $83.44 and saved $34.43 or 29% with all the discounts which were primarily Target savings today.  Not very many manufacturer coupons today that I wanted to match.  Since last week, we are trending approximately a 30% savings at Target.  Make sure to check out Southern Savers this week if you have not done your coupon shopping to match the Target Cartwheel deals, Target coupons, and manufacturer coupons all together!

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