Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pregnancy - Fourth Month

Not much going on this month.  Most of the morning sickness is finished and doing pretty good.

15 Weeks: 
  • We have had an interesting week with the weather.  We received an ice/sleet/snow mix Monday night/early Tuesday morning (2/1/11.)  School was canceled ahead of time Monday night due to the forecast.  High temperatures were set for low 20s and wind chill factors in the single digits and teens!  The temperature has stayed in the low 20s and the ice is not melting!
  • Rough couple of days on Saturday and Sunday.  Thinking about calling my doctor on Monday regarding medicine for the nausea.  I am really not sure what happened because I was doing pretty good overall once I started into my second trimester. 
16 Weeks:
  • Another snow day on Wednesday, 2/9/11.  It is sure hard to believe we have used 5 snow days this year!

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