Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jeff's 33rd Birthday

I finished work early and left school to go to Wal-Mart to surprise Jeff with something for his birthday.  When I got home, he said he saw me at the light to turn left to head toward Wal-Mart!  I couldn't believe the timing.  I ended up getting a chocolate cheesecake sample and a small individual white cake for Jakob to eat.  I suspected he would not be happy with the cheesecake, and I ended up being correct.  :)  Jeff turned 33 on Thursday!

Jeff received this card from his co-workers from work.

Jeff received this card from his grandmother, Donna, in Florida.

This card came from Jeff's work.  It was cute and says, Cake-Check, Presents-Check, Balloons-Check!
Jeff received this card from his parents.  It's cute and too funny since we play those games together when we got to one of the Abilene pizza places!

Jeff received this card from my parents.  My mom really enjoys the song cards!  When you open it up, it plays, "You Know You Make Me Want to SHOUT".

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