Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jakob - Speech Update 11/10

Jakob is currently in speech while in Kindergarten and has mastered all of his objectives he had when he was first started at 3.  His new objectives focus on many blend sounds. He attends speech for 90 minutes every 2 weeks (approximately 3-4 visits every 2 weeks).  Below is his progress ending for the 2nd Six Weeks.

1.1 Correctly produce /s/, /z/, /ch/, /sh/, /s blends/, and /l blends/ phoneme in initial, medial, and final position:
  • /ch/ - syllables-80%; words-40% Initial
  • /s/ - syllables-70%; words-60% Initial
  • /l/ blends - syllables-70%; words-60%
2.1 Correctly use pronouns /he, she, they/ correctly in structured sentences.
  • 50% - Progressing at expected rate.
2.2 Understand 'er' ending in words.
  • Not yet addressed
2.3 Order pictures from largest to smallest - Not yet addressed
  • Not yet addressed

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