Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pantry Challenge 2014: Day 9

Well today is officially day nine of the pantry challenge.  It sure has helped reduce our grocery bill these past two weeks as we continue to eat things we have.  We have had to go out and purchase some groceries as the challenge does not limit you from shopping.  However, our purchases have been primarily on milk, produce, and bread.  This challenge has also helped me decide on menu plans based on meat we have on hand and items we have to go with it already.

The kids had omelette I made using my Pampered Chef egg cooker.  They sure love eggs this way.  Ashlyn realized what I was making and had to help.  Jeff made some bacon and fried eggs.  I had intentions on making a bacon sandwich, but ended up just drinking my smoothie.  My smoothie today consisted of an apple, two tangerine oranges, and a small carrot.  It was okay, not my favorite, but I'm enjoying experimenting.  

I went to Wal-Mart near lunch time, so Jeff and The kids had corn dogs for lunch.  When I came home, I toasted some of the gluten free bread and madea quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with some banana chips.  

Tonight's dinner was leftovers.  Jakob ate spaghetti, Ashlyn ate her normal hot dog request, Jeff had nachos, and I had a salad.  

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