Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weight Watchers Weekly: Plan a Recovery Plan

My "why": 
After my youngest was born in 2011, I weighed 170.2.  I'm committed to this weight-loss journey because this past March, my weight fluctuated back up between 160 - 165 pounds.  At the end of the March, I went to the doctor's office because my ankles were swelling.  This past April 27, 2016, I rejoined Weight Watchers.  I decided it was time and was hoping if I lost some weight it might possibly help the swelling in my ankles and legs.  My ankles have not been swelling since I have lost the weight, but my eosinophils remain elevated.  My doctor has me taking Claritin for at least ten consecutive days prior to rechecking blood work next Monday.

Plan a Recovery Plan:
I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and the topic was "Planning a Recovery Plan".  Due to busy schedules, I had not officially weighed in since September 24th.  It was a message I needed to hear from Roni.  She told her story about her reunion she attended this past weekend and ended up gaining 4.5 pounds!  Her focus was to stop the self-blame and just get back on track.  

"The issue is not that you fell off the bus.  Just don't let it run over you."

She reminded everyone when you deviate from the plan, to just get back on the course again.  I love how Weight Watchers focuses on lifestyle changes and not considered a diet.  Between my birthday, our anniversary, and Jeff's birthday all back to back, it is easy to get off track. 

Current Update:
Overall, I have lost 12.2 pounds with Weight Watchers since this past April and 21.4 pounds all together since Ashlyn was born in 2005.  Roni stated to focus on the positives today, rather than all the negatives when you get off track.  It has been extremely rewarding shopping for smaller size clothes and having the extra energy!!  I'm planning to jog tomorrow and it sure feels good getting back on track.

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