Sunday, March 18, 2007

Many pictures uploaded finally

I have been meaning to work on uploading pictures for everyone to see but just couldn't find the time between work, school, and everything else! However, I have no excuses because I am on Spring Break. I have included the links to the pictures online, but there are also links on the sidebar on my webpage. Here they are: Roland's Spring 2007 Soccer Season, Scrapbook Pages of 2006, Sleeping boys, Snow Days, and Spring Flowers 2007.

Last week went pretty quickly for me. I had a test on Monday for my "Effective Teaching" course and made a 91% on the test! The test had me really worked up because in the class you have to pass everything with a 70% or you fail the course completely! Even though I knew I would do fine, the anxiety of not passing had many of us in the class worried!

Then on Thursday, I took the 3rd Chemistry test. I can't wait to finish with the course...the teacher gives 10-12 questions on the test. So you cannot really miss many questions or you blow the test. I won't know officially how I did on the test until the Monday after Spring Break.

Friday evening I was able to scrapbook and sure was nice. I think I'll try to do more later today if I have time to pull it all out. I am trying to finish up with Christmas pictures so I can print a new batch of recent pictures. My rule of thumb is I am not allowed to print more pictures from Wal-Mart until the pictures I have already printed are scrapbooked.

Today, we went to Home Depot and I got a few more plants and pots for the balcony. I want to get a few hanging pots, but it's still early and I cannot get everything at once! At Target today, I got a nice new clay pot that I used to re-pot an Ivory plant for $5-6 instead of the $11-12 range. Sure is pretty.

I don't have much planned this week. It will probably consist of relaxing, scrapbooking, a few errands, and homework.

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