Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tuesday night movie...

Well, Tuesday night, Jeff and I had free passes for the movies. Jakob normally falls asleep anywhere between 7:30p-9:00pm, so we thought we could go to the movie and he would sleep through it. Well, we were completly WRONG! We went to see Wedding Crashers, and he started his bottle during the preshow and previews, and the entire time he was WIDE AWAKE and staring at the screen!! He was almost finished with his bottle before the movie started and Jeff said laughing, "It's not going to work, let's go!" The movie theatre let us get new passes for next time and we were on our way. Jeff and I laughed because we figured Jakob was staring at the screen thinking, "Wow Dad, check out that BIG tv! The Wiggles would look GREAT on it!"

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