Monday, August 01, 2005

Garage sale and more

Friday night my mom came up to help me with the garage sale that was planned for this past Saturday. My mom brought her old tv with her and a few other odds and ends that she still had at her new house. Jeff and I had a small tv, fancy light fixture, and a few picture frames as our big items. They sold within the first 30 minutes of the garage sale. Overall, the garage sale went really good and we made a decent amount of money. Enough that made it worth sitting out there. In the past, I goodwilled the items, and kept it for our tax return, but they have raised a limit on something and we weren't really getting anything back against our taxes. I figured now that I'm not working, that I had the time to do the garage sale and I'm glad we did it. I am keeping all of Jakob's clothes and those items for the next kid. I figured with my luck if I keep all the boy clothes, I will have a girl! lol.

Mom and I went to the mall after we packed up the garage sale about 1pm. Jakob slept most of the whole visit at the mall, but woke up while we were in Foley's very cranky. I suppose he was not in the shopping mood! He has had a slight cold since Thursday, runny nose and cough, that he probably picked up at the nursery at church last weekend. My mom and I ended up getting StarBuck's and a cute shirt from The Children's Place from the clearance rack.

Sunday, Jeff and I didn't go to church due to Jakob being sick. Instead, around 11:30am, Jeff hollared at me from the living room and asked if I wanted to go get lunch. I said sure and went downstairs. At that time, he was folding the coupon for Olive Garden and I looked back at him with a big smile! After Olive Garden we went to Target for a few items and then had to swing over to the mall for my follow-up eye-exam. I now need to finish filling out claim paperwork and mailing that in for reimbursement from insurance. Anyhow, afterwards we met Josh and Jocelyn at David and Dezi's apartment to decarate!! We put streamers and balloons up in their apartment before they got home! It looked cute and David has already called and laughed about it.

I finished my other class, Growth and Development. The final exam was due this upcoming Thursday. I now have about a month off from school and I was definately ready for the break of studying. The Fall semester officially starts on August 29th. I have 2 classes starting on that day that are online, and the other class starts on September 10th. Now I can spend time doing fun stuff. Mom bought me a Thomas Kinkade puzzle that has a couple 100 piece, 300 piece, and 500 piece puzzles all in the same box. I think I'm going to start one of the 100 piece puzzles today after I get laundry and dishes going. I'd like to get a few more of these puzzles completed and framed and add to the living room to go with the current puzzle above the fire place.

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