Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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I have recently started reading more again and currently I have been reading The Prince of Beverly Hills by Stuart Woods. I'm about two-thirds finished with this book and I just started reading it on Monday! It's about an ex-detective that is now working for the movie business as head security. Rick Barron is the main character in this Stuart Woods book. I have read 4-5 of his other novels based on Stone Barrington! He has a new book out called Two Dollar Bill. My mom recently purchased that book last week. I'll end up reading that one once I catch up on my other Stone Barrington series that I have not read!

Tonight, I went to the public library. Jakob and I went this morning, but on Wednesdays, they do not open until 1pm. Instead, Jakob and I went to the park and walked more. However, tonight I really wanted to pick up the next two books that I wanted to work on. They are both by the author of Nicholas Sparks. The first book I wanted to read is called The Notebook. I have actually seen the movie and the movie was GREAT! I cried lots during that movie it was that good! Well, my mother-in-law, Lana, said the book was really good too and the sequel called The Wedding was even better. So tonight, I checked out both of them. They seem pretty short and I don't think it'll take much to read both of them. This author also wrote the book A Walk to Remember. I've seen the movie made from the book, and initially I didn't think I'd like it. But it was also REALLY good! I'm hoping that I will like this author also! While at the library, I also picked up a few children books for Jakob.

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  1. The Notebook was really good! David and I watched it last night. I totally cried!!!! I would love to read the books!


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