Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weekly Update

Well, I had a wonderful week last week. Last week was my first week of not working and staying home with Jakob. We had a great time together and did plenty of things.

Monday was rainy and so we stayed at the house. Starting on Tuesday, we went for daily walks. Overall, Jakob and I walked 7 miles last week. We walked around our neighborhood, walked to the grocery store another day, walked to the library and to the park on another, and then yesterday walked around in the mall while Jeff and Roland went and saw The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I finished reading The Prince of Beverly Hills by Stuart Woods and am almost done with The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. The Prince of Beverly Hills wasn't too bad, but it became so predictable at the end of the book. I think I like his Stone Barrington series better honestly so far. I have another series from his writing, Orchid Beach, that Laurie, my aunt, gave me as a Christmas book. I am planning to read it too in long run. Once I finish The Notebook, I'm going to start a book that I got from the library yesterday from Mary Higgins Clark. Never read any of her books, so I thought I'd see if I like her style. I like to change from romance to mystery, authors, etc to keep from getting bored. Jeff made a point that I could actually read the Harry Potters series! I have read the first book, but need to read the others.

We took Jakob for more pictures from Sears on Saturday when the four of us went to the mall. Jeff needed a haircut, I wanted to walk, and Jeff wanted to take Roland to a movie. They had an open spot for pictures, so I got him in. When you look at the link I sent you the other day, you can tell it took us a bit to get him to smile! He just was not in the mood in the beginning, but began to lighten up and start laughing at the end! It's gonna be great when we get Roland and Jakob's picture taken during the Summer. It's gonna look great! I have coupons for Sears, for $10, I get a ton of pictures. They always try to get me to buy all the extra stuff and I stay firm and I'm like, no just want this coupon! What's odd is you can only use one coupon on one visit. But you can have another visit, and use another coupon. I think it's funny and a waste of their time, but oh well. So that's what I do!

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