Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Walking Texas

Jakob, Tito, and I went for a good walk this morning. We walked our neighborhood and got 1.4 miles in so far today. I think it would be awesome to walk one of those charity sponsored walks. I looked into the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. It is from June 10-12, but you have to have $2100 raised before the walk. Of course the money goes to a good cause, but at this time, I do not have anywhere near the amount of that and I'm not sure how I would raise that much money at the time. Avon has a weekend walk called Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. However, currently there are none in Texas. The fundraiser for that one is $1800 per walker. I know that in Dallas/Fort Worth there are many 5k walk/runs that are sponsored for charities that do not cost as much to join and still benefit something.

Okay, I found a wepbage that talks about all the different Walk/Runs they have each weekend! It's called RunOn! They even have stores called RunOn with clothes, shoes, and more in Dallas, Fort Worth, Coppell, and Richardson. The prices for these are much more normal and cost about $15-20 it looks like.

Majority of them are in Dallas, but there is even one in Austin. I think this would be fun for all of us. Let me know what y'all think!

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