Saturday, February 25, 2017

Orange Juice

Ashlyn had been so excited to wear pajamas to school on Friday because she earned a card for receiving enough "fuzzies" for the prize.  We forgot to bring her backpack to school on Thursday, therefore she left the card in her pencil box so we would not lose it.  I was able to confirm she indeed earned the card by emailing her teacher.

I came home from school yesterday and asked Jeff where was Ashlyn.  It turned out she was in her room.  When she came out of her room, she was in a dress, but she went to school in pajamas.  At first I thought Jeff was upset because she wore her pajamas to school even though she did not bring home the card.  She went quickly back in her room crying after a statement from Jeff.  He was upset with her for lying about why she changed from her pajamas to the dress at school instead of telling him the truth.

I went to her room to find out what was going on and it turned out she had an accident at school.  She was extremely upset with herself and I am sure she was disappointed with herself too.  Ashlyn then explained one of her friends kept telling everyone what had happened which embarrassed her even more, while crying.  I reminded her she needed to let her friend know that it upset her and hurt her feelings.  We discussed how the reason she had clothes in her backpack was for this reason along with other of her friends in Kindergarten.

I am also reminded how much Ashlyn is like me when I was her age.  When she is hungry and tired, she is extremely cranky, emotional, and irrational!  I am thankful my grandmother would encourage my mom, and my mom encouraged me to drink orange juice during these times when emotions are a little out of control.  The orange juice always seems to help perk any of us.  As an adult now, I know it could be a slight placebo, but I am pretty sure the additional Vitamin D has something to do with helping to calm and balance the emotions.

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