Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016:

Last year, I saw advertisements regarding Texas Tulips.  The tulip farm was not too far north of our house and therefore this spring break I decided to take the kids to visit.  So after we finished errands, we headed out there and picked a few tulips.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016:

It had been almost a year since our housecleaners came to clean and I was able to schedule them to come while we were on spring break.  I did not realize how dusty the house had been until they came and cleaned everything!  In order to keep the kids out of the kitchen while they were finishing up and weather was beautiful, the kids had their lunch outside on the patio!  They absolutely love eating outside which warms my heart.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016:

Jakob, Ashlyn, and I visited Lake Ray Roberts State Park - Isle du Bois Unit.  I parked over near the Hawthorne campsites and then the kids and I followed the Randy Bell Scenic Trail around one side until we found the playground.  The kids were able to play on the swings on the playground, but most of this playground was closed off.  It was near the lake and with recent rain totals I am wondering if it was damaged due to high lake levels.

After playing on the playground we headed back toward where we parked and attempted to find some geocaches near the trail.  Using the geocaching app, we were able to find one.  However, I have not subscribed to the app to allow me to find what they consider advanced geocaches so we could not register we found it through the app.  Jakob had me sign the book inside and we took a selfie.  He was so proud of me for finding my first geocache.

After walking around for over two hours, both kids were getting hungry.  We had a gift card from Christmas from my Mema for Dairy Queen and coupon for B1G1 for the location near the state park.  What a great morning day trip for $3.00 out of pocket because of the gift card and coupons!

Thursday, March 17, 2016:

My mom had planned to visit beginning on Thursday.  While waiting for her to arrive from Killeen, TX, we had a quite nice hail storm.  It was short lived and most of the hail was marble size or smaller.  Our vehicle was in the garage and I did not notice any damage to the house.  I read an article from CBS stating the Fort Worth Zoo ended up having to open late and had some animals killed due to the hail storm.

We had a fabulous lunch at Olive Garden and then went to the mall with the kids.  Both Jakob and Ashlyn were excited to visit the Lego Store where they each received new toys purchased by my mom.  Ashlyn was able to get new dresses at Gymboree and then we stopped at Target on the way home for coffee and other snacks.

My mom was able to watch the kids at their weekly swim lessons at Emler Swim School that evening after dinner out at Chick-Fil-A.  Both kids continued to watch to make sure she was watching them swim.  I am continually amazed at how much they have learned within this past year after starting last June.

Friday, March 18, 2016:

Jeff took the day off on Friday and we all went to see the movie Zootopia after eating an early lunch at Jakob's favorite restaurant, Taco Casa.  Jeff and I learned we need to ensure we have a booster seat for Ashlyn as she was more restless during this movie.  However, this is only her second movie in the theater.

After finishing the movie, we had a few more errands to run including purchasing a few more last minute items for Jakob's boy scout hiking trip in Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas.  We got him all settled and dropped off Friday evening. He returns Sunday evening after a 14+ mile hike!  Monday morning should be quite interesting!

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  1. I enjoy your reviews of the weekly/monthly activities. Sure had fun and enjoyed everything this week. It will be interesting to hear about Jakob's camping/hiking trip. Both kids have improved so much with the swimming ! And they were definitely watching to see if I was watching them. Hugs, smiles, and love <3


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