Monday, March 21, 2016

Boy Scouts Troop 366 - Backpacking: Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas

On this campout, I had to hike 15 miles with a hiking pack on. It was a lot of work. We left on Friday (3/18/2016) and got home on Sunday (3/20/2016).

  Friday (3/18/2016)
-  Arrived at church at 5:30PM.
-  Left at 6:30PM.
-  We arrived to the camp at 12:00AM. (Saturday)
-   Hiked for 2 ½ miles in the dark.
-   Headlamp died.
-   Could not use my bright flashlight.
Saturday (3/19/2016)
-    Set up my 1 person tent at went to sleep.
-    Fell asleep at 3:05AM.
-    Woke up at 6:45AM by my leader, Little Max.
-    Set down my tent.
-    Got on trail at 9:00AM.
-     Had breakfast on the trail.
-     Hiked 5 miles.
-     Had lunch near the lake.
-     Hiked 5 more miles.
-     Looked for a good place to camp.
-     Set up another tent in a different place to camp.
-     Cooked my Spaghetti and sauce.
-     Worked a little on the merit badge for backing.
-     Said our Thorns and Roses.
-     Stayed with the camp fire.
-     Went to my tent at 8:45PM.
-     Got my pillow and went to sleep

Sunday (3/20/2016)
-      Woke up at 6:00AM and went back to sleep.
-       Little Max woke everyone up at 7:15AM.
-       Got out of place at about 8:30AM - 9:00AM.
-       Hiked 2 ½ miles uphill to the cars.
-       Got to cars.
-       Went to Pizza Hut.
-       Got some sowed figures of DC characters.
-        Got to church.

-        Got home very tired.

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