Saturday, January 04, 2014

Pantry Challenge January 2014: Day 2

Day 2: Saturday, January 4th

We all had different cereals this morning.  It was a busy morning with the boys getting ready to leave for the Cub-O Cub Scout camp out today/tonight.  

We ran to Ikea this morning and when we arrived, Ashlyn said she was hungry.  I learned after arriving they have inexpensive hot dogs on the lower level.  I always thought they only had the wonderful smelling cinnamon rolls.  We actually both had a hot dog and she had chips too.  This was around 10:30AM.  Then when we came home, she said she was hungry again!  Growing much? She had some more fruit before we attempted a nap.  Yeah, no nap.  I was still hungry since the hot dog was the only thing I had at IKEA and so I made a tuna fish sandwich on gluten free bread along with organic tortilla chips.

When I was sorting through the freezer yesterday, I found the fish sticks and told Jeff how Ashlyn could eat them today.  He laughed and said we have fish sticks?  See another reason for the pantry challenge.  (Don't worry, they were nicely sealed.). Well, we should have had enough for two servings, but Ashlyn grabbed the open bag and the extras fell into the floor!!  The animals got to them too quick, so I just tossed the extras.  While eating, she spilt her milk so she didn't eat many of the fries.  However, she loved the peaches this evening.  I on the other hand had all leftovers from the fridge.  Steak, green beans, and black eyed peas.

By Monday, I have to get back on track overall on not having gluten or milk.  I have been not as good this last week and I can tell in different ways.  One considerable notice is the sweets' cravings.  At least we are getting rid of more and more of it!!

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