Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Weight Loss and Exercise Goals

My goal for February is to walk, run, or use my elliptical for 26 miles!  It is my largest goal and I am close to meeting my goal.  I started losing weight after Ashlyn was 1 month old and really would like to get to my pre-pregnancy weight before I had Jakob. I am working on possibly 10 more pounds and know I can do it with the great support I have at school. I work with the best group of teachers working toward similar goals.

This past week, I have done at minimum ten minutes on the elliptical or on a treadmill.  I am amazed at how good I feel.  I thought I would be tired, but I have so much more energy from it.  I have done 8 miles this week and 18 miles for the month so far!  I had a pretty off week last week and was thinking I would not be able to make my goal.  I am so excited to report that it looks like I will meet my goal!  Yeah!!

Below is my before and after photo with my weights.  I am proud of my accomplishments and not embarrassed to post.  In high school I ranged 135 pounds and was what I thought bigger at the time because the other girls had not caught up to me.  That is what my mom reminded me at the age.  After high school, I ranged between 140-150 pounds.  When Jeff and I married, I was 150 pounds, so I am very proud.

It still amazes me to see how much I have lost in my face!  It will be so neat to post my final picture combined.  I know I will begin to plateau as I tone and build more muscle.  I know muscle weighs more and I am perfectly fine with all of that!  I want to be healthy and fit and really enjoying the exercise because of how good it feels.  The level of energy is amazing!  I hope you stay with me on my journey.  If you haven't already, come join me on MyFitnessPal!  I'm amazed of how simple and easy it is to use instead of paying for WeightWatchers.  Post your username as a comment and I will add you!

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