Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Coupon Shopping at Costco and Target

Jeff, the kids, and I had a busy day weekend!  On Saturday, we took Sierra to get a bath at PetSmart at 12:30PM.  I had a $10 coupon for grooming and she really needed a good bath to get the excess hair off and clean her up overall.  Sierra currently weighs 84.6 lbs and I think she cold use losing a few pounds as it warms up.  I know it will be easier to walk her after it warms up and the time change occurs so it will be daylight longer.  

After eating lunch at On the Border (we had a gift card from Christmas), we went to the scout store.  Jeff has been helping out with the Cub Scouts and he has volunteered to lead the Wolf Pack next year when Jakob becomes a Wolf cub.  We will go back later to get his uniform and other supplies.

I try to only go to Costco if we need a few items so we stick to the list as best as possible.  The bill adds up so fast at Costco.  Today, the total was $82.49.  However, $50 of it was pet care related including dog food and dog bones.  I have noticed buying the food is cheapest even with coupons because it last longer for the price and I rarely see coupons for Purina One dog food we purchase.  We did pretty good at Target.  We had something to return so it helped our cost for the week.  We spent $62.94 after the gift card and a total of $145.43 overall for our weekend trip.  Our goal is $100, but I think we did pretty good still since we had to buy dog food and formula!  The dog food will last for a while and the formula should last 3-4 weeks.  I have a few more coupon checks that will need to get used later in March before they expire and a few more coupons I successfully won on eBay tonight!

Purina One Dog Food $32.69
Dog Raw Hides $16.99 (These were $10 before. I need to determine cost per rawhide and check PetSmart with a $3 coupon!)
Ground Beef 5pack $15.99 (I tend to buy these for convenience.)
Shredded Cheese $6.89 (This is cheaper than the Target brand per unit rate.)
Frosted Mini-Wheats $7.96
-$2.00 COSTCO Coupon
Total: $82.49


4 Similac Soy Formula $21.99
-$5.00 Similac Coupon (from eBay)
-$5.00 Similac Coupon (from eBay)
-$5.00 Similac Coupon (from eBay)
-$5.00 Similac Coupon (from eBay)
-$5.00 Similac Coupon Checks (from Taira from church!)
-$5.00 Similac Coupon Checks (from Taira from church!)  
-$5.00 Similac Coupon Checks (from Taira from church!) 
-$5.00 Similac Coupon Checks (from Taira from church!)
Playtex Bottle Liners $7.29
-$1.00/1 Playtex Bottle Liners (from Playtex)

Carrots $1.69
Bananas 3.66lb @0.44/lb $1.61
Apples $3.64lb @1.49/lb $5.42
Silk Soy Milk $2.99
Mrs. Baird's Bread $1.99
Milk $2.59

Notebook for Cub Scouts $3.49 - ON SALE
Dividers for Notebook $1.37
Sports Bottle Drinks for Jakob $2.99 (2pack)

Gifts for Birthday Party $8.99
Gifts for Birthday Party $2.99
Total: $62.94

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