Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jakob - First Week of 1st Grade

Jakob's first day of First Grade on was on Monday, August 22, 2011.  He is so excited to be in First Grade!  He picked out a Star Wars backpack and a Star Wars lunch box this year.

When Jakob come home from his first day of First Grade, he had received a binder from his teacher with important information inside.  On a piece of paper, his teacher had him and his classmates draw a picture with their name to put in the front of the notebook.  He normally does not write his letters backwards, but he flipped his "S".  I can tell he is not used to writing directly with markers because it is not as neat compared to when he writes with pencil.

Jakob brought home these papers on Wednesday, 8/24 from school.

I really liked how neatly he colored this page with his colors!

You can tell they have been talking about the rules and procedures this week.  He even had to move his card on Thursday because he did not push in his chair after multiple warnings.  I suspect it is a procedure he is just supposed to do without being reminded and he continued to not do it!  Jakob remembered to do it on Friday!

We are supposed to read a minimum of fifteen minutes every night.  Jakob picked the following books to read from his book shelf this week: Toy to Toy, The Great Race, On the Road, and Gordon's New View.  I figured we would try to go the library today and let him pick out some more books for him to read.  He has always loves going to the library.  After looking at Scholastic's website, it appears many of the Level 1 and 2 Step-Into-Reading books are leveled as mid first grade to late first grade.

To finish the end of the first week, Jakob brought home a math paper and a paper focusing on upper and lower case letters.

This year, Jakob will have spelling words to study and test over them along with homework officially on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.  We will continue to study his sight words since there is a list recommended he knows by October, so I'm assuming she will check/test him around that time frame for the list.  Starting in two weeks, his spelling test, homework, and literacy books will be coming home.

Overall, I think Jakob has had a great week!  He actually asked me one morning if I wouldn't pick him up so early from his "2nd school" (daycare) so he could play a little.  I have been transitioning his time so when it is a little later when I go back to work it will not be so bad.  They sure have been busy at school since he is exhausted in the evening and is ready for bed at 7pm!

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  1. I use that same first day of school book sometimes for my first grade class. :)


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