Sunday, June 06, 2010

Last Week of School!

Jakob went to a birthday party on Sunday at Main Event.  He had a blast playing with his friends.  After the party, we came home for quick bite to eat and then went to the playground.  Jakob had too much energy still and we were trying to wear him out some more!  I took pictures of everyone bowling, but thought the picture of Jakob and Sara (not the birthday girl) was precious! I sure hope some of Jakob's friends will email or call me this summer since I left my information for the parents.

I planted flowers in the front flower bed on Sunday morning.  I started pretty early and finished around 9AM.  It sure has been hot in Texas this year and we are early in June.  The temperature sure makes it feel like July, not June!

I spent most of the day cleaning on Memorial Day.  It all started because we had found a nice track of ants in the kitchen!  I went to Wal-Mart (and remembered why I dislike Wal-Mart) and purchased a few of the grocery items we needed, cleaning supplies, and bug spray!

After school on Wednesday, I learned my final results of state mandated testing.  97% of my students passed and I was super excited!  All of my students who retook the test passed the test and they made leaps and bounds.  The last week of school I received letters from some of my eighth graders.  The letters were so sweet and they said things like, "You always said we could do it." Getting the results made it remind me of why I worked so hard in the first place!  I am so proud of my students!

Thursday was the last day of school for the kids and Friday was my last day for the year.  I had almost everything out of the classroom on Thursday and had to finish up a few things Friday morning.  I had some meetings and then we had a staff meeting at noon on Friday.  We had an awesome pot luck where I ate plenty including the best chocolate cheesecake!

Jakob had his ice skating lessons on Saturday and he did super yesterday! He skated back and forth and actually was getting faster!  He still is not building his knees too much, but got up on his own multiple times using the technique he learned from his instructors.  After ice skating lessons, Jakob and I went to Hobby Lobby.  We went to look for large plastic plants and boy was I surprised to find out how much they actually cost!  If I still really want one, I will have to watch for their weekly deals!

I started a scrapbook layout on Friday night and finished it on Saturday.  I am currently working on scrapping last years pool pictures using Coordinates Collections Oceanside kit.  I received the kit a long time ago but hadn't used it yet and it is perfect for all the pool and summer pictures!

Today I went to Kroger and picked up the sale items.  I spent $100.13 I saved $44 with coupons and $72 overall or 42%.  Overall, with what I purchased I was happy since I had sirloin steaks, produce, and other items on sale that now have us stocked for a good couple weeks.

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