Friday, April 06, 2007

Jakob starting at Children's Courtyard

Starting Monday, Jakob will begin attending Children's Courtyard in Lewisville. It's closer to home and the school prices are a little more expensive but they have lower student/teacher ratios. Jakob's new classroom is larger than his old classroom and has less students. We went and took the filled out and signed paperwork this morning and Jakob played for a good hour or so. He even joined in with the other kids when they played with finger painting. Based from the time I was there, it seemed like they do lots of things to keep the kids busy. The school focuses on positive things to get the children to do things rather than punishing them if they do something wrong. The classroom has cameras in the classroom which are set up to be able to view him playing. The great thing too since Jeff works for Gamestop, we received a 10% discount and when I'm out of school between semesters, I can drop Jakob down to 2 days a week for a lowered price.

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