Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone and Happy Easter!

It sure was a busy week…

Monday night, Jeff and I both had to stay up to register for classes at UNT. Registration starts at 12:01 am of a specific day. I had 2 more classes to take in the summer before I begin my student teaching. Jeff found 2 classes he can take in the summer and then 3 for Fall 2007. If he is able to finish these, he'll be down to 2 classes remaining Spring 2008 and graduate May 2008 with me! YEAH!

Tuesday, we finished setting up all the new computers in the lab I work in. My boss got new computers for the lab that replace the old eMacs and we now have 25 new 17 inch iMacs. They are really nice. There is a program that will allow the Mac to run Windows in a window, or full screen. The other neat thing is how the size of the entire computer is the size of the monitor. However, the funny thing about getting these new computers are the mice. The old eMacs came with only a primary mouse button rather than having a primary and a right click. So it was confusing for people…so now these new ones came with a scroll in the mouse and a right-click and people are so excited. My boss laughed because we told him people would get a kick out of the mice and we were right!

Wednesday night, I made the decision Jakob was no longer staying at Alpha Christian Academy in Denton. I walked into Jakob’s classroom where a little boy was sitting in the corner facing the corner and was instructed to keep his head in the corner. Between this and MANY other recent problems, I had had enough. Thursday afternoon, I put together a letter to the daycare (after verifying with Children’s Courtyard) describing everything from that visit and explained my disappointment. I was at the point where I had problems with the Asst. Director and now a little with his current (and past teacher) that I was not as comfortable. So starting Monday, Jakob will begin attending Children's Courtyard in Lewisville. Its closer to home and the school prices are a little more expensive but they have lower student/teacher ratios. Jakob's new classroom is larger than his old classroom and has fewer students. We went and took the filled out and signed paperwork this morning and Jakob played for a good hour or so. He even joined in with the other kids when they played with finger painting. Based from the time I was there, it seemed like they do lots of things to keep the kids busy. The school focuses on positive things to get the children to do things rather than punishing them if they do something wrong. The classroom has cameras in the classroom which are set up to be able to view him playing. The great thing too since Jeff works for Gamestop, we received a 10% discount and when I'm out of school between semesters, I can drop Jakob down to 2 days a week for a lowered price.

Thursday, I had 2 tests between Chemistry and TX History. I went into to the Chemistry test thinking I knew the material and the way the test was written, I was sorta lost for part of it. However, we started taking the test and the instructor said, I am going to review next Tuesday and then if you want to retake the exam next Thursday, you can. I will probably retake the exam unless somehow I got extremely lucky and guessed right on some! (lol). Anyhow, I then had a bookquiz over a 150 pg book in TX History. I absolutely HATE the book quizzes he gives in those classes. The first book quiz was over Sam Houston and was 200 pages long…made a 68. This book quiz was about Mexican Americans in TX and I made a 64 and supposedly the average was around a 60%. This book was poorly written, dates would jump back and forth and then the quiz asked for a ton of different people in the book. However, as you are reading, its really hard to figure out what you should focus on as you’re reading since he doesn’t give any guidance toward them. These book quizzes currently are the only thing pulling my grade down from an A to a B. We have an actual test in that class on Tuesday, that I am still studying for. I will end up studying more for it tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday morning! I deciphered my notes and colored coded and figured out which notes went to which essay.

We didn’t do anything major for Easter. It was really cold and Jeff was half and half today. He didn’t feel so good. This weather going up and down I don’t think helps! I figured next weekend when it is warmer, we would go outside and throw the plastic Easter eggs out and let Jakob go get them! It was warmer today than yesterday, but not warm enough for me to spend a lot of time outside! We didn’t get the snow you got in Central Texas. That would have been for some great pictures and I definitely would have fought the cold for 10-15 minutes to get some cute pictures of Easter eggs and Jakob together. But all we got were some isolated snow flurries that melted as soon as they hit anything.

I now have my own account for World of Warcraft. I have started too really like the game. I can log into and do a few quest and not spend too much time on it. It is nice to take a break from doing all of the routine things and just do nothing. I also saw a bunch of add-on packs to Sims 2, which I enjoy playing. However, I really don’t have time to do school and play 2 games. Only 1 game at a time! Lol. I created a new character and she’s a blood elf. I like her because she can re-heal herself during battle which is good…maybe I won’t die so often!

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