Saturday, December 10, 2005

College semester is finished!

Saturday, was my last day of class for How to Teach Math (1st part). I know I aced my test that I took that day. It was so easy. The teacher pretty much used previous test questions and reworded them a little or changed the numbers around. It was pretty simple. From there, I went and did a mystery shop at the mall. Starting late November, I signed up to multiple companies to do mystery shopping for their clients. I have done 9 shops since I started and they pay an average of about $8-10 a shop. Majority of them are pretty easy. Yesterday afternoon and today I had to do a mystery shop/audit for two different locations. The audits were really easy and mainly checking marketing at the locations. Pretty simple since I used to do detailed audits for GameStop. (Plus their instructions tell you how to do it). Anyhow, each of those shops paid $10 and it took me less than an hour for both. Nothing to get rich on, but it can be fun money.

Jeff, Roland, Jakob, and I went to The Colony parade Saturday evening. It was cute, and Jakob got a bear. A car had holiday bears with their design and since the City Hall location is the end of the parade that we watch from, the lady threw it at him and said, “For the baby!” He enjoyed playing with the bear. Roland and I both had hot chocolate while we were there. The sad thing was the kid I gave the money too didn’t know what dollar coins were! I had gotten the $1 coins from the post office after buying stamps. Anyhow, I like buying the hot chocolates at the parade not only because it’s hot chocolate, but the money is going to proceeds and fundraisers.

Well, I’m officially done with my classes this semester and I did good! I finished with an A in World Literature. And I should easily have an A in How to Teach Math. My World Civilizations class for History should be a B once he grades the essays and post everything. The good thing is the World Literature and Math class transfer to my Bachelor’s degree! Need all the good grades I can get! J I have to keep my GPA above a 2.75 to even graduate. I’m doing good at the moment, I have a 3.2.

Anyhow, I think I’ll go get ready for bed and cuddle in and read a good book or something in a moment. I was a little upset to find out Desperate Housewives was not on tonight. I enjoy watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but I expected Desperate Housewives to be on though. Oh well, guess I will wait until next week. (My luck, it’ll be a rerun!)

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