Friday, December 09, 2005

Orientation at UNT

Today was the "Early Eagle" Orientation at UNT and it went good. I left the house at 6:45am, not knowing how long it would take to get to UNT in the morning and had plenty of time to waste. I even had time to stop by the place Jakob will be staying at for daycare to check up on his position and to remind them I would like a spot for him! I arrived at UNT officially about 7:45am and headed in where everyone waited. They served us breakfast and lunch with our orientation and it was ok food. Nothing spectacular, but serving many people will do that to you. Anyhow after lunch, they broke us into our different majors and we spoke to counselors. I was quite happy that I already spoke to a counselour in September and already had an idea of classes I needed to take. Luckily, they allowed the "Early Eagle" group to register today!! Many classes were already full, but I was able to get a decent group of classes.

I am enrolled in 4 classes now, Geography (US and Canada), Environmental Science (plus lab), Teaching Math (2nd class), and Elementary Problems and Statistics. The great thing is I was able to get majority of the classes on Monday/Wednesday. I have a lab on Tuesday and one Science on Friday (MWF class). However, I wanted to be able to have flexible time on my a few days so I could take Jakob to daycare and I could go to school and study. Worked out good.

I have 20 classes left to take and then I have some student teaching that factors in before getting my degree. Overall, it's about 2 1/2 - 3 years if I can go full time. I should be able to complete my normal classes in 2 years, and then the student teaching is half observation and the other half is actually doing the teaching. I'm really excited!

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