Sunday, December 18, 2005

One week until Christmas!

This past week was pretty simple. I finished my classes from the fall semester as of Saturday night. Two of my classes have officially posted online. I show my A in World Literature and my B in World Civilizations (History) class. My teaching math class should be an A, that class was so easy. However, I have to continue making A’s and B’s in the future. To graduate with my teaching degree, each student must have a 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale. I’m doing pretty well so far. At this point, from the Dallas community colleges, I have a 3.2 without my other A. Oh, and from last week, I mentioned I was pretty sure I aced that math class, and I did. I made a 95%, only missed 2 questions. But I don’t know for sure which two, but I have an idea for one. No biggie. Most of that class was teaching math for the Kindergarten through 4th grade. The 2nd half that I am enrolled in at UNT is supposed to be toward concepts from 4th-8th grade.

I spent most of the day Wednesday looking up information for Jeff for UNT and looking to see what he needed to complete his degree. He has not been to college due to work since the spring of 2004, so he had to reapply. So I spent part of the morning talking with people at UNT and then submitting a readmission application. The next morning, I called and set up an appointment for Jeff on January 2nd since he has the day off. There are a few different management degrees that Jeff said he wouldn’t mind getting. He has many classes (over 100 hours) and needs about 30 hours (10 classes or so) to finish. There is a basic General Business degree that he might work toward, we’ll see. The good thing about the management degrees, are many of the courses are available online. He would easily be able to do that style of class where he didn’t have to go to the school and mess with getting there on time after work, etc. He has done a few certification test where he has read this fat book about computer related subjects and read them himself, took the test, passed. He is really smart when it comes to that stuff, so I know he could do the online classes just as easy.

This past Friday, my mom came to visit. She needed a few more items for Christmas for Jeff. So we went to Target where we got a few pants for Jakob. He has grown, and really needs 18 month size now. Otherwise, when you pick him up, his pants look like shorts! Not good since it’s quite chilly outside. We went to Denton and I was able to show Mom where the daycare that I am on the list. We then went to the college, but I didn’t have my maps so Mom got to see a few buildings. (Mom, I’ll send you a map highlighting what we drove by!) From there we headed toward Plano to pick up Roland for the weekend. Traffic on the way to Roland’s was pretty light, but by the time we picked him up it was getting heavier. Mom left shortly after we got back to our house. We tried to convince her to stay, but she said she couldn’t.

Saturday and Sunday, I was sick unfortunately. I have been taking medicine and it helps a little, but being sick is just annoying. I slowed down from my busy schedules, so the germs caught up to me, I suppose! I’m starting to feel a little better, but this evening I started to get a slight migraine which means I have to cut back on milk again. I took some Tylenol for that and even got a soda for the caffeine in the mall which helped dramatically. Amazing what caffeine does to a migraine.

I started reading the 5th Harry Potter book earlier today. I am in the mood of reading it since my last book was a mystery. I prefer to mix authors so Stuart Woods doesn’t get boring since the style of writing is similar in his books. But it’s a pretty long book, so I have to work on it before class starts back up. I won’t have as much time to read such a long book when class starts. The first couple chapters were pretty interesting. I was really surprised after reading the 4th Harry Potter book and then watching the movie in the theatres. They left so much out of the movie, I was slightly disappointed in the movie. Without reading the book, I would have been slightly lost on the movie. The movie skipped around and didn’t explain certain things. Oh well, books are normally better than the movie. I might have to go back one day and read the earlier books and then watch the movie to see what was left out of those!

Yesterday, Jakob started getting pretty interested in the Christmas presents! He started knocking over one of his gifts and pushing it all around the living room. Then today he knocked it over, climbed on top of it and ended up poking a hole in it and unwrapping it! He unwrapped enough that he could play with the toy. It's an entertainment table that says the alphabet, numbers, and other things. It lights up and makes noise and he was quite interested in it this afternoon. I took some pictures and honestly, I think it's funny. I figured it would be funny to put in the scrapbook.

Well, it’s time to switch laundry and get ready for bed! Hard to believe Christmas is next week! Looks like Jeff will not have to work on Dec 24th or 25th. I think we will be driving down to Austin in the morning and having Christmas with grandparents and parents, then back to Killeen that evening. We’ll do Christmas with my parents that evening possibly and then have Christmas with my mom’s side. We have Roland from Dec. 28-Jan 3rd and are planning to go to Abilene with New Years and we’ll have Christmas there sometime around those dates!

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