Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ford Explorer

Well, our Ford Explorer decided it was time it needed new parts today. As of last Friday, the check engine light came on while driving. I looked up the information on the light and it deals something with the fuel in the car. Anyhow, the Ford has not had a new fuel filter for a long time (way over due probably) so I had Sam Pack's Ford Country of Lewisville install a new fuel filter today. Then, the battery has been acting up and was taking longer to get the car to start. So after the Ford Explorer got it's brand new fuel filter, it received a new DieHard battery from Sears. With getting the new battery and having the battery disconnected and then reconnected to the car, it should have reset the light if the Ford had been fixed.

New battery: $86.34
New fuel filter: $51.60

Nope. Check Engine Light still on. Bummer.

So, this afternoon, I went back up to Sam Pack's Ford Country of Lewisville (best prices compared to Frisco and Grapevine) and they are running the diagnostic on it. My neighbor, Amy, was sweet and gave me a ride home! Thanks again Amy!


Well, Sam Pack's Ford Country of Lewisville called to explain what was wrong with the car and why the Check Engine Light came on. It turned out that the 'mass air flow sensor' was built up too much carbon and not opening and closing. The 'intake gasket' was leaking. The 'PCV valve (pollution control valve) needed to be replaced along with flushing the fuel injectors and throttle body. All in all, it will cost $890 to fix! Guess the Ford Explorer decided it wanted new parts for Christmas! I think I'll get the Ford Explorer washed and vacummed once it's all fixed too.

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