Saturday, November 19, 2005

Change in schedule

Monday, Jeff had to be at the airport by about 7:30am at DFW. His flight was supposed to take off at 8:30am and he would arrive around noon in Philadelphia. As I mentioned, GameStop bought Electronics Boutique (EB) and the corporate side of things are official, but none of the name changes will occur until 2006. EB’s corporate office is in Westchester, PA. Anyhow, Jeff had the option to stay for part of the weekend, hotel paid, so he could site see. He had to pay for the rental car on Saturday, but that’s it. He flies back tomorrow morning, and should land in DFW around 12:30pm. I’m ready to see him, and I know Jakob is. Every time we would call him, I would put the cell phone on speaker and he would just smile, and swing his arms up and down in excitement!

Jakob and I headed down to Killeen on Monday after dropping Jeff at the airport. We made great time and I missed majority of traffic. I listed to a book on tape that I checked out from the library - Orchid Beach by Stuart Woods. I’m currently on tape 5 of 6, and it sure is good. It’s the first time I have listened to a book on tape, but it made the drive seem a little faster going to and from.

I met Mom at the office on Monday and she was excited to see Jakob. I’ll give her a hard time for this one for a while, but when she walked out to see Jakob in the car, she said, and I quote, “Wow Jakob, you are becoming a real person!” I just thought the comment was funny, but what she meant was he has so much personality now. Mom and I went to their house and unloaded my full car and then switched the carseat into Mom’s car and ran errands. After the errands, we went to the mall and Wal-Mart for a few items. I was able to say hi to Terri at Truly Texas. It’s always good to see her.

Tuesday morning, I worked on school in the morning before meeting Mom at the office. Mema was at the office so I was planning on going to the office so Mema could see Jakob. He just thinks she is pretty cool! He gave her lots of hugs! We ran more errands this day and then afterwards went to Target, the mall, and Best Buy. We were working on our Christmas lists between the stores. Jakob decided to start teething while we were in Killeen and had a runny nose and kept getting fevers as teeth were trying to come in. But, no new teeth yet, just the same three he has had. (2 on top, 1 on bottom)

Wednesday, Jakob was not feeling too good, and I woke up with a sore throat. Luckily, I was able to get Jakob to take his morning nap around 9am, and I laid back down for a nap and think that helped me with whatever I had. Mom went to work in the morning and then brought home Wendy’s for lunch. In the afternoon, Jakob was feeling better and we went out to Wal-Mart and I found a few more Christmas gifts. We also got some things for Jakob of course! Wednesday night, I think Jakob was definitely ready to come home. He wasn’t feeling good from teething and I think he was starting to miss Jeff and his own bed. He made it through the night and slept better this night.

Thursday morning, I got everything packed back up and we got on the road at about 9am after stopping by my Dad’s work for a visit. He wanted to show off Jakob too! Jakob was real friendly to the ladies at the office, but didn’t know what to think about the men. We got home in The Colony close to 1pm. Jakob decided he was hungry at 11am, so we stopped in Alvarado at a Grandy’s. He enjoyed his lunch. He had chicken nuggets (pulled apart of course), green beans, and a dinner roll. So back in the car after we ate, and he was much happier with a full tummy! I stopped at Wal-Mart in The Colony when we got back because I had meant to buy a new pillow for me in Killeen but kept forgetting. My pillow is probably 4-5 years old and was just too flat. My new one is nice and soft, just the way I like it. I was pretty lazy Thursday afternoon. Jakob played and took a few naps while I caught up on tv shows that recorded while I was gone. It was chilly that evening and I needed to go to the grocery store. But instead, I ordered Chinese food and decided to go to the grocery store on Friday.

Friday came and Jakob and I went to Target in the morning for household items. I hadn’t picked them up in Killeen because I was using what I had saved for Christmas gifts and waited until payday to buy things for the house. Makes sense especially since I wasn’t here for most of the week. Mom then came up Friday afternoon because she was planning to come up for Saturday to babysit for me. Jeff and I knew he was going to be in PA on that particular Saturday, so we scheduled in advance for her to come up and babysit while I went to my Math class. She got to the house around 4pm and we went to the grocery store. Again I was out of the basic things, so it was time to restock now that I was home. That evening, she treated me to Outback which was nice. I had not expected it, and figured we could have made something. Thanks again Mom! Jakob ate (SERIOUSLY) about 1 ½ loves of their rye bread at Outback along with some cheerios and other baby food. He was especially loving the bread!

This morning, I had my Math class. We had a test today and then my group was meeting afterwards to discuss what we had ready for our presentation in 2 weeks. Math test went good, I actually just checked online and she has already posted the grades. I made a 91%, so YEAH! I knew I missed possibly 2 questions. We do not have class next week because of Thanksgiving, but in two weeks, I’ll learn what I actually missed. I’m sure I know 2 of them. But, a 91 is good, and I still have an A in this class! YEAH! Anyhow, Mom enjoyed babysitting. The funny thing is she told me for lunch she asked Jakob if he wanted green beans. He shook his head no. (He only shakes his head no, doesn’t do yes yet.) Anyhow, normally when I feed him at home, at lunch I give him fruit and something else and then a vegetable and something else at dinner. When I called on the way home she laughed because he said no and then he did not touch them at lunch!

Anyhow, I finished college homework of course this week too between my exciting week! I had an English paper and test paper due by tomorrow. I was able to turn in the paper on Wednesday, and I finished my test paper tonight before starting this post! I had a history test that was due by this past Thursday, that I took last week before going to Killeen and then an essay to write by Friday, but finished that onThursday! Busy week! But the semester is almost done, and if I do good on this past English stuff, I’ll have an A in English and be done. I won’t have to do Unit 5 for English. That would be great!

Well, other than that, next week I have a few college things to work on before going to Abilene for Thanksgiving. Oh and I received paperwork for the required orientation at UNT. I’m excited to start UNT in the Spring! Hope everyone has a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

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