Monday, June 13, 2005

Update on home and school

Well, it was a busy week last week. I have been watching my neighbor kids for two days a week for some extra cash which has turned out to be really nice. We went to the Dallas Zoo on Thursday with Roland and Sarah. Jakob slept during the entire thing. He probably figured it was too hot to look at anything! On Wednesday, we went to the library for our weekly book club for the kids. They are seeming to enjoy it.

My mom came up last Tuesday to help take us to Jakob's doctor appointment. He is doing good and he started eating solids last week. He likes his rice cereal and carrots and sweet potatoes. He tried green beans last night, and he wasn't as sure about that. It was coming right back out of his mouth. Jeff said to put it farther back in his mouth, and I told him, it won't help, he's pushing it out with his tounge. He was not swallowing green beans last night! It was quite funny. We went to Babies R Us yesterday and bought him a high chair. It leans back a little being he cannot sit up on his own yet. He seemed to like the chair though. I'm going to try green beans again today and see how it goes. He wouldn't even tough the rice cereal that had a slight bit of green beans. I had to make more cereal PLAIN and I switched spoons, and THEN he ate the cereal. Funny.

I registered for a new class last week. It is called Growth Development and it's a class toward my teaching degree. I have 2 classes I am currently taking over the summer and then 3 classes in the fall. I should be able to graduate with my associates in December and then transfer to University of North Texas in the Spring of 2006. I'm excited. I'm hoping to finish my Biology class early and get extra credit and then only have the 1 class again to focus on. I needed to register for this class because I needed 2 elective classes to get my Associates in the Fall.

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