Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weight Watchers Weekly: Succeed this Summer

What to Do: Set up Your Summer Success

My "why": 
After my youngest was born in 2011, I weighed 170.2.  I'm committed to this weight-loss journey because this past March, my weight fluctuated back up between 160 - 165 pounds.  At the end of the March, I went to the doctor's office because my ankles were swelling.  This past April 27, 2016, I rejoined Weight Watchers.  I decided it was time and was hoping if I lost some weight it might possibly help the swelling in my ankles and legs.  My ankles have not been swelling since I have lost the weight, but my eosinophils remain elevated.  My doctor has me taking Claritin for at least ten consecutive days prior to rechecking blood work next Monday.

My summertime goal: 
I teach middle school math and have most of the summer off other than a few conferences and trainings that I attend.  Normally I can easily gain five pounds because I am home and food is available.  This summer, I am tracking using the Weight Watchers app along with attending weekly meetings.  This is helping me stay focused on healthier choices while still enjoying time with my family and kids.  My goal is to return to my eighth year of teaching at 145 pounds by Labor Day.

My time-off plans: 
I am looking forward to time off this summer from school.  I am looking forward to a math conference in San Antonio, TX where I will get to be with other friends and colleagues.  My mom and grandmother are joining in on the fun of San Antonio too.  I am also looking forward to a short trip to the San Diego, CA area to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and niece with my mom and kids.  It has also been nice to be able to slow down and relax.  I have also enjoyed reading and studying my Bible.

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