Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Doctor, Dentist, and a Mom?

On Monday, May 16, 2016, Ashlyn complained a little about her stomach hurting.  I checked her tempeature and she was fine so we finished getting ready for school.  This was the day of advanced math testing for sixth graders entering seventh grade along with Algebra testing.  I informed her school just in case she continued to not feel well.  No phone calls were made home that day.

On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Ashlyn was complaining about her stomach hurting.  This time, I thought about how normally if she begins to have drainage issues, the first for her to complain is her stomach.  Slowing down for a moment, I realized she had been blowing her nose consistently.  Last minute, I made the decision and put in for a substitute.  She went into and saw her doctor in the morning where she was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.

While leaving Target after picking up Ashlyn's medicine, Ashlyn and I had the following conversation:

Mom: You are getting pretty good at explaining your symptoms Ashlyn.  I think you should be a doctor.
Ashlyn: Well, actually I was thinking about being a mom.
Mom: Well, you can be a doctor and a mom.
Ashlyn: Well, I was actually thinking I wanted to be a dentist.
Mom: Do you know what a dentist is?  What does a dentist do?
Ashlyn: They take care of your teeth and clean them.
Mom: Okay, you can be a dentist.
Ashlyn: I have an idea.  How about I be a doctor, a dentist, and a mom?  How about that?
Mom: Sounds great to me!

Later that evening, antibiotics had already helped begin to clear up some of the drainage which allowed her to go play on the playground a little bit and the following day, she brushed and did my hair.

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