Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Smith Family Menu for August 6th-August 12th

Finished up our menu for this upcoming week and into next Monday which allows me time for random grocery shopping if needed for anything for next week's menu.  I'm most excited about that everything on this menu I had the ingredients for except cheese!  I ran out of cheese finally and stopped by Costco today to pick up more block cheese.  (Remember to purchase block cheese.  It will save you money and you will not have the preservatives on it.  The same size block cheese as the bag will actually get you double the amount of cheese.)

We are going to make these Turkey Stuffed Peppers from Skinnytaste tomorrow evening.  I would cook them tonight, but we really need to eat some of our leftovers and I have a sink full of dishes calling my name.  I have been ignoring chores today. :)

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