Friday, September 10, 2010

Kindergarten Stories: Week 3

Dropping Jakob off to school on Wednesday morning, it was pouring rain!  I had an umbrella and had plans to walk him up with the umbrella.  However, many kids were just quickly walking/running to the front doors since it wasn't a far distance.  Jakob had grabbed his jacket and had his hood on his head.  When he got out of the car, he slowly walked to the front door!  I'm sure he was thinking he wasn't getting wet because he had his jacket on!  I watched him thinking, "Seriously!"  He told me the next day he wanted to wear his jacket because he thought it was going to rain again.  He said, "I won't get wet if I wear my jacket!"  I knew he had logic behind walking in the rain!

Random Quotes:
  • "I was on GREEN!"
  • Jakob is singing many songs when he comes home.
  • He is enjoying listening and reading books.  He is showing high interest in reading and learning how to read.
  • Jakob is excited to show his assignments he has made in his Kindergarten class.

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