Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 6 - $40 Walgreen's Gift Card Challenge


Well, we had an unexpected visit to Walgreen's this week due to the smoke alarms beeping this afternoon signaling the batteries were going low.  We had two 9-Volt batteries in the house, but decided it would be better to replace all six in the house so they would have the same strength.  Walgreen's is the closest to our house without spending tons on gas for a visit for one thing.  Luckily, the Energizer batteries were at least marked on sale so they weren't as expensive as they could have been!  Yesterday, I also picked up my double pack newspaper with my $1.00 RR that was going to expire today.  So overall, I am now down to $1.26 on my $40 Gift Card that I started over six weeks ago.

Week 5 - $40 Walgreen's Gift Card Challenge - NO SHOPPING

Dallas Morning News 2 for $5.00
Energizer Batteries 4 pack - $10.99
-$1 off Energizer batteries or flashlight, SS 5/22
-$1.00 RR

Total Before Savings and Coupons: $15.81
Total Spent: $14.81
Total Saved:$6.00 or 29%

Remaining RR: $0.00
Check out this week's Walgreen's ad here at Southern Savers!

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