Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on Jakob's Cast

Jakob has had his cast for two weeks today.  He has figured out he can do many activities including playing on his DS and even using his right hand for his computer!  The Wii is challenging and all depends on the game he wants to play due to the controllers. His cast is not bothering him like the first couple days.  The first couple days he complained about it hurting and he took some medicine.

Today, rain was forecasted at 70% and it did indeed rain.  I was so happy today that it was not raining at drop-off and the rain went around us when school released.  Jeff had to pick up Roland after school and was able to get Jakob from his after school daycare before the rain really started pouring.  His school placed his Target bags on top of his cast to keep it dry.  Last week, after school the rain did not go around us and I was so nervous.  I emailed the nurse and his teacher about making sure it was covered well.  I even called to make sure his after school daycare got him on the bus and off the bus quickly!

His next appointment is in two weeks and at that time they will decide the next steps to ensure his arm heals correctly.

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