Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday Morning

This has been a few rough days.  I mentioned Jakob broke his arm Thursday afternoon

Saturday morning, I logged in to check my scores for the high school math test I took three weeks ago and it shows I made the same exact score as I made the first time.  It was so annoying to see that even with additional studying that I made the same score!  I needed a minimum score of 240 and I made a 231 again.  However, it is a pretty tough test.  When I received my score after the first time I took it, I found the link displaying the averages for all of the state test on the website.  The average for the test is a 234, not even passing.

Our baby girl is due at the end of July.  Officially, I think my due date is July 26th.  Jakob's due date was January 27, 2005 and was not born until February 1st.  So I keep saying she will be born at the end not knowing if she will be on time, early, or late! 

The hardest thing right now is accepting the idea of not having my contract renewed due to the state budgeting problem.  Yet I know there is some plan and everything happens for a reason.  Last week at church, the message was to Dare to Dream and Believe.  It was one of those messages that felt like the pastor was talking directly to you.  My mom says maybe for a little while, I am supposed to focus on the baby, family, and starting my Master's Degree.

Jeff and I have a few errands to make today and go to Kroger with the coupons I already have ready using Southern Savers to help me match up the ad and my coupons.  Later today, I plan to scrapbook and not worry about these last few days.  I already found a few online sketch challenges that I would like to do and submit.  Happy Saturday!

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