Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kindergarten Stories: Graduation Ceremony

Jakob brought home his weekly folder today and had all sorts of information in it today!  Tomorrow is his Graduation Ceremony.  This year has gone by so quickly!  Jakob and I picked out his clothes for him to wear tomorrow.  Luckily, his nice dress pants still fit!  I need to keep an eye on specials and pick up one pair that is larger for future events that need nice looking pants!

2010-2011 Kindergarten Graduation Picture

2010-2011 Spring Kindergarten Picture

Today in Jakob's folder he had two assignments that were sent home.  I am actually really impressed with his hundred's chart since he did this with his left hand due to his cast.  I think that is what caused the backwards numbers on the right hand side.  I even asked Jakob if he did this with his cast and he said yes, I wrote with my left hand!

This artwork was made from a paper bag.  He said his teacher helped him with it a little.  I'm sure cutting is a little difficult with his cast.  Jakob is still obviously wanting a lizard since he attempted to write lizard on the paper.  I reminded him today since he had to be seven years old that his birthday is after Christmas which meant he would probably receive money from Christmas he could also save for his lizard!


  1. I took pictures and video today to post. Hopefully, I will get them up today! That is the plan!


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