Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kindergarten Stories: Yearbook Edition!

Last Wednesday, Jakob came home with the wrong yearbook.  I almost left it at his after school daycare since the name on it was not his name.  Luckily, I spoke to the assistant director and found out they did not have a student by the name on the yearbook.  So we realized it was the one he brought home by mistake.

The next day, Jeff took the yearbook to the school to exchange it with Jakob's yearbook.  He also spoke to the principal about a few things and then went home.  When we arrived home, he realized the yearbook with Jakob's name had been marked in with a blue pen.  Pictures had been colored in using the blue pen and some had X's marked through them including a few students from other Kindergarten classrooms.  I was really upset this happened within the classroom since I felt it should not have happened with teacher supervision.

Yesterday, when I picked up Jakob from school he was commenting about his shoelace and was apologizing for his shoelace.  He was apologizing similar to how he was responding last week about the yearbook being in his cubby and then how he just lost it.  He kept saying that to me.  I'm so so sorry.  It was in my cubby and then I just lost it.  I thought it was possible another student picked it up by mistake.

Since he was acting funny about his shoelace and his quote seemed so similar, I thought something did not seem right.  Jeff got home at the same time as us and we were talking to him about a few things including his yearbook.  Jeff asked Jakob what color pen did he use to color in his yearbook and he responded blue.  Jakob has not seen the yearbook since it was originally brought home on Thursday morning.  Then we asked him what was one of the classmates you colored through and he said a specific classmate.

I had already spoken with the office regarding replacing it and had earlier spoke to a PTA member about replacing it.  I had already decided I would purchase another one to replace the one that was ruined.  However, Jakob is using his money to replace it to try to teach him a lesson that things cost money.  He's also grounded this weekend from video games, movies, and his computer.  This morning he actually commented how he did not have any money at the moment for his lizard since he ruined his yearbook by coloring in the other one.  I picked up the new yearbook today at the school and Jakob pointed out all of his friends and was especially proud to show me his teacher.

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